Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 20 (upgrading to 2008) Object Opacity

On the Macintosh we have been able to use layer opacity (the ability to make things semi-transparent) with VectorWorks 12.5. But the Windows people have had to put up not having this ability. 
So, if you wanted to add shadows to a building, like this one, it was OK on the Macintosh, but not as easy on a Windows machine. 
Now with VectorWorks 2008 we can assign opacity to classes, or individual objects on both the Macintosh and the Windows version. 
This Option is on the Attributes palette and it allows you to choose the opacity of individual objects.

I think that looks a lot better, and it’s easy to achieve. 
We cover this in detail with the last user group online manual. Check out the on-line user group at:
Check out my line of top VectorWorks manuals:

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