Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 17 (upgrading to 2008) New Color Palette

With earlier versions of VectorWorks we were limited to 256 colors in the color palette. You could get around this by tricking VectorWorks with gradients, but with VectorWorks 2008 you don’t have to. The Color Palette has been completely overhauled. You are no longer limited to 256 colors.
You could have less that 256 colors if you wanted. This would allow you to set up an office standard that just had the colors that you wanted to use. 
If you turn on the standard VectorWorks colors you can use any of them, and there are more standard colors now than ever.
You might notice that there are several palettes that you can choose from. You can choose Resene, Benjamin Moore, Pantone and so on. 
If this isn’t enough, you can even make your own color palettes.
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