Archoncad Releases Essential Tutorial Manual for VectorWorks 2008

archoncad has realeased a major update for the successful Essential Tutorial Manual for VectorWorks 2008. This update has completely re-written substantial parts of the manual to make it faster for you to learn VectorWorks.

The VectorWorks Essentials manual is designed to take you from no skills in VectorWorks through to a competent beginner level. It is designed to teach you all the things that are need to give you a good, solid foundation in VectorWorks.

This manual comes as a text book with an included CD-ROM. The text book is written in a conversational style, and is designed to be easy to read and understand. The manuals uses pictures to show what is going on and often uses diagrams to explain concepts that people find hard to understand. This manual is designed for visual people.

The manual starts with very simple VectorWorks concepts because these are the foundations to mastering VectorWorks. Then there are a series of 2D drawing exercises finishing with a drawing exercise that brings all your skills together.

the manual is available from my new web site:

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