Landscapers should buy VectorWorks Designer

I teach a lot of people, some architects and some landscape clients. Some of the landscape clients want to be able to count all the parts of the project. This means counting all the piles, bearers, joists and decking. 
VectorWorks architect has a joist object. This object makes counting all the joists, bearers and decking very easy. Because of the way this object is designed, you can place joists of different sizes and then ask VectorWorks to count up the joists, sort them into sizes and then count all the parts.

The joist object also makes 3D objects. So, with the joist object you can solve 2 problems with one object.  In this picture i used the joist object for the decking, joists and bearers. 
Along with the joist object is the rafter and roof framing objects. Perfect for making roof framing for pergolas. 
As well as these objects, VectorWorks Designer has some commands that will create all the joists for a floor, or all the decking, with just a few clicks.
If this is the sort of thing that you want to do, get VectorWorks Designer. You will pay for the extra cost by the time you save. It will only take a few jobs to pay for the extra cost, but the savings will be on every job from then on. 

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