Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 2 (upgrading to 2008) Classes For Wall Components

Wall components now have their own classes. For Architects this is a real step forward. Until now Architects have avoided drawing the complete wall (cladding, structure and lining) and have mainly drawn the structural part of the wall. After all, this is the part that the builder really wants to know about.

Now with VectorWorks 2008 we can draw the complete wall showing the cladding, the structure and the lining. If we assign different classes to each component of the wall then we can turn off some components for some drawings but turn all the components on for other drawings.

This has been a request since we first changed to using the new wall style system and I’m really glad that we have this new ability.

This will be covered in detail in my updated Architect Tutorial Manual for VectorWorks 2008 due late October 2007.

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