Library of Details with Vectorworks

I saw a question on the VectorWorks tech board about making a library and using it. Some people make a library file with symbols in it that can be used on several jobs. If you make your details into symbols then you can use the Resource Browser to import them into any job.
You find the detail in the Resource Browser.

Drag the detail from the Resource Browser into your drawing.
You detail is now in the drawing and can be edited, moved and so on.
This works well. The details can be created so that when you inset them they become groups. That way you can edit the detail without changing the original symbol.

I’ve been thing for some time that you could also use WorkGroup Referencing to link your detail library to your current project. this would have an advantage when you wanted to update the detail library and have all your projects use the new details.
To get the referenced details onto your drawings use viewports. This would also work well for larger companies where there is more than one person on the project.

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