On-Line User Group August Newsletter Out

The August issue of the cadsupportonline user group newsletter is now available. The topic this month is WorkSheets.
Worksheets allow you count and schedule stuff in VectorWorks. For example you can count all the trees in a site, schedule all the doors on a particular floor of a project, even find the weight of a bracket in a 3D model .
Worksheets are an under used area of VectorWorks and this workshop should open your eyes about what you are able to do with them.
In this issue I show you how you can use worksheets to:
- count areas and compare them
- count objects that have information attached, information that you could use to make a window schedule.
- count a landscape area and calculate the plant mix
the Question and Answer this month is:
How can I get more than one person to work on the same project?”
The extended podcasts this month are:
epodcast 042
In this podcast I will show you how the chain extrude tool. The chain extrude tool makes it really quick to draw the cross section through a balcony roof or varandah roof and extrude it.
epodcast 043
In this podcast I will show you how to make a solar animation.

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