Sharing Work in Vectorworks

Ever wondered if you can share work with VectorWorks so that you can have more than one person working on a project?

Using WorkGroup Referencing it’s possible. This concept allows you to share layers from your file to another person, or it allows you to borrow a few layers from another file. The command you need is found on the Tools menu.

Before you use this wonderful feature you need to consider what bits of information you want to share. I find it’s easier to sort out who is going to be working on the job and what parts they will be responsible for. After you’re work this part out the rest is easy.

If you choose to put a few drawings in one file and a few drawings in another then it’s easy to share your work around but this is not what I have in mind. For one thing, you can’t print all the drawings at the same time. So batch print is not useful… I wanted to show you a way that you can have all the drawings in one file and still have several people on the same project.

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