VectorWorks Files get Corrupted on the Mac

if you have a problem where your VectorWorks files on the Macintosh get corrupted and lose all their information.
From Julian Carr:
The problem happens when you minimize a VectorWorks document (send it to the Dock) and then immediately save.

In VectorWorks 12 on the Mac when you have more than one VectorWorks document open and you minimize the active one, you will notice that the Data and Mode Bars at the top of the now active document are not displayed properly until you click in the document window. This is when the problem happens. If you do not click on that document to fully activate it, any save you do including Autosave , Apple S or choosing Save from the File menu, will cause the partially activated document to become zero K on disk.

Recommendation to Mac users is to make sure their Autosave is saving to a backup folder (VW Prefs/Session tab) and to NOT minimize VectorWorks documents. You can use the Window menu to switch between open documents or press Apple ~ to toggle between open documents (the ~ key is just below the ESC key).

– good advice, so take notice…

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