Large Projects in Vectorworks

If you have a large project how should you set up the drawings? Should you have each drawing as a separate file, or not? Should you use Workgroup Referencing to join files together?
The first step is to put as many drawings as you can in the same file. There was a discussion on the Nemetschek North America Tech board ( about batch printing 100 drawings in separate files. VectorWorks will not batch print 100 drawings that are in separate files.

Another reason to have all the drawings in one file is so that with 100 separate files, editing and updating the title blocks and issuing the drawings is a nightmare. If you have all the drawings in one file you can batch print the drawings, you can update and manage the title block information.

Having all the drawings in the same file does not mean that you only have one file for the complete project. With Workgroup Referencing you can have several people on the project adding to the design layers and this information will update on the drawings.

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