We’ve just finished the user group meetings for this week. The topic we covered this month was worksheets. The turnout to the user groups was disappointing again. That’s a real shame because the people that came to the meetings got so much out of the meetings…

 we gained a lot from the topics discussed. Especially interesting was the Worksheet tool, that has potential in so many areas. Also the Create Section Viewport tool has convinced us we need to upgrade to Version 12. Each user group session we do makes us realise the power Vectorworks has. Looking forward to the next one.

We have been attending the meetings for approximately the last 12 months and without exception, we have never left a meeting without having picked up at least one hint that has proved invaluable and not only made drawing easier but saved a huge amount of time.  It may only be something small and incredibly obvious to you but is often an aside from the general topic and may be a point made by you or one of the other users attending.

I have always thought that worksheets are an under-used area of VectorWorks. Worksheets are amazingly powerful. They can be used to calculate things like;

– the buliding/Site coverage;

– how many electrical objects in the building;

–  if you’re working on an interior design, how many desks in each are of the building;

– how many plants you have in each area of the landscape design. You can even set the spacing as an option and have VectorWorks calculate the number of plants for a drawn area. If you change the spacing, or change the area the number of plants will change.

All the people that came to the user group had a copy of my essential manual but many had not completed the exercises in the essential manual on worksheets. My advice to them was to go back and try out the worksheet exercises and play the movies, there is a lot of valuable stuff in the movies on how to use worksheets.

If you want to learn more about worksheets, buy my Essential Manual, or the short sharp manual on worksheets.

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