Why Attend Courses?

Let’s say that you’ve got one of my manuals, or someone else’s manual, and you’re working through the manual. Why bother to come to a course? 
Well, there are a few reasons…
Some people don’t like to read a manual so they don’t put in the right effort and so their progress in is slow. Some people don’t read very well and so they make slow progress. Coming to a course can help these people because it’s a hands-on course. This means that I watch what oyu are doing to make sure that you are working correctly. 
Some people can work through the manual and it seems to make sense, but they not know how to apply it. Coming to a course gives you the opportunity to ask questions about how to apply the concepts.
Some people learn by watching and doing, not by following a book. If you have my manual then you can watch the movies and carry out the exercises, but it can still be a benefit to attend the course. 
Some people are too busy to read the manual. Coming to the course gets you out of the office and so you have not choice but to make progress in the course. You can’t answer your phone or work on other things, so you stay focused. 
Some people just like to learn from another person… 
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