How Important is Training?

Some of you might know that as well as writing manuals and blogs, I also provide VectorWorks training and support for my clients and I run the VectorWorks User Group in New Zealand. How valuable is this support?

I was recently chatting to an overseas client on the internet. He has been using VectorWorks for a while but he has decided to invest in some training. After about ½ an hour training he said, “Oh, that’s cool. You’ve just saved me about 20mins a day!”

Think about that, 60 mins invested, 20min/day return. In the first week the return is 1hr and 20 mins. In the first month the return is 6 ½ hrs! Now, not every training session has such good returns, some training sessions will teach you how to do something new, some will reinforce that you are working in the right way.

I have some users that have been coming to the User Group for several years. They still get one or two tips from the User Group meetings. If you came to a user group once a month and and learned how to save 10 mins a day, it would save you nearly 3 ½ hours a month! Isn’t that worth it?

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