Sections are a vital part of creating drawings. Vectorworks has tools and commands to create, control, and edit section viewports. In this workshop, we looked at what a section is, how to create sections (using a few different methods), and finally how to control the visibility of objects in front of the cut plane.

See the knowledgebase article for sections here…

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Landscape Special Interest Group February 2019

In this session, we discussed building a structure that you want to reuse, such as a wood shed, turning the structure into a symbol and importing that symbol into another file; we also covered using the Renderworks Camera—including turning a camera view into a viewport—and using the Clip Cube for design work as well as for client presentations.

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Landscape Special Interest Group January 2019

In this session, we talked about the effect of slope on the number of your plants and their spacing, showed how to add and remove labels with the Reshape tool, showed the Swale/Berm tool that comes with the new Surface Sculpting set, covered adding plant labels in the Annotation window of the viewport with the Data Tag tool, demonstrated aligning plant labels with the Align/Distribute Leader Lines command, covered plant styles, and discussed when to used solid colors or tiles for pavers.

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