Architect Special Interest Group September 2017 (am)


In this session, we discussed the new upgrade to Vectorworks 2018—should you upgrade right away or shouldn’t you?—and opened up an old project file in VW 2018 to see how it behaved. We also covered some tricks for working with dimensions, the new feature in VW2018 that allows you to work in multiple drawing views, and the updated Detail Callout Marker Tool.

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Getting Started Special Interest Group September 2017


In this session, we looked at how to use a Heliodon and the Renderworks Camera, how to get the most out of your SmartCursor and Snapping features, how to change your default colors in the Attributes palette, as well as discussing some advanced Snapping techniques and the benefits of using Master Snaps.

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Drawing Checklist

Screenshot 2017-09-23 at 07.19.30

I recently worked on a project that needed a building consent. I thought that I had checked through everything that was needed. What I really needed was a checklist for each drawing, but I didn’t have one. Don’t worry! We are in the process of developing a checklist now, and I came across this document:

Guide to applying for a building consent (residential buildings)

It has a checklist for each drawing. For example, on page 20 is a checklist for a Site Plan. This is a great start for creating your own office checklists.


SST_1708 – Walls, Slabs, And Roofs



Walls, slabs, and roofs are designed to interact. This means that when you connect a slab to walls, it will update when you move the walls. Roofs can be connected to walls so that parts of the roof are inside the building and some parts of the roof extend out to the eaves.

In order to make these connections, we need to understand how walls, slabs, and roofs connect. We need to understand how the walls have been designed, how the slabs have been designed, and how the roofs have been designed.
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Architect Special Interest Group August 2017 (am)


In this session, we covered how to set the graphic style of various labels—such as Drawing Labels, Scale Bars, and Detail Callout Markers—and how to use the Curtain Wall tool to powerfully control curtain walls, which can be used for objects such as shop fronts, bay windows, and bookshelves.

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Architect Special Interest Group July 2017 (am)


In this session, we covered how to transfer Vectorworks resources from one computer to another, clarified several points from last month regarding the Callout Tool, discussed how settings work together to create complicated objects in WinDoor, and answered numerous questions regarding windows.

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Landscape Special Interest Group June 2017 pm


In this session, we looked at creating your own reports for counting planting, landscaping, and hardscaping in order to set up a materials and costs list. We found that some problems could only be solved by creating and attaching a Record Format to objects.

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