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When you subscribe you will  get:

  • full access to this website, allowing you to search over 1500 movies, PDF manuals (over 80) and extended podcasts (over 180)
  • A PDF manual each month with linked movies. Access to previous manuals (over 80) and movies (over 1000).
  • online webinars based on the manual. Access to previous webinar sessions (over 85).
  • Special interest groups webinars for Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks  Landmark, and Educators.
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  • increased productivity through using Vectorworks effectively
  • access to live online training through the Special Interest webinars
  • access to the largest Vectorworks video library anywhere
  • live interaction with other users from around the world
  • stay up-to-date with the latest Vectorworks techniques

This movie will introduce you to the website

Introduction to this web site

I’m Jonathan Pickup and I have been writing Vectorworks training manuals for nearly 20 years. For the last five years Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc. have been printing and distributing my Tutorial manuals through their website and international distributors. As well as the manuals that I write for Nemetschek Vectorworks,  each month I write a Short Sharp Manual for my subscribers.

Would you like to have access to thousands of movies, manuals, and online sessions, with new manuals and movies added each month? Would you like to be able to attend online sessions with the top Vectorworks trainer each month? Then you need to subscribe!


When you subscribe, you get access to all the Short Sharp Manuals, you get access to a database of thousands of movies, and you can attend regular online training sessions. 

Not only will you learn to use Vectorworks more effectively, you will have more fun with it.

Don’t just take my word for it; listen to what my subscribers say:

I have been able to change my business model to one who can provide modeling, rendering, presentations, and construction document production to otherarchitects. I am enjoying my work more than I ever have, business is picking up, I am making more money, and most importantly I am providing a much betterproduct to the people I am serving. Thank you Jonathan! – DJ.


I think the online subscription group works very well for a lot of Vectorworks users at all levels of experience and expertise, but especially in my case where I’m switching from hand drafting and had very little real-world CAD experience. Thanks for all your help, I’m finally feeling confident enough to use Vectorworks in most of my design work, and my clients have appreciated the results. -JM

Thank you for Friday it was another great session. Its the little things you show us (like Friday) that make such a big difference and I’m looking forward to the challenge of 3D. – LK


I have been a Vectorworks user for the past ten years.  I’ve developed a pretty reliable set of hatches and symbols and have always enjoyed its object-based logic and its native feel on a Mac.  That said, I’ve never taken advantage of the BIM or 3D aspects of the program.  It always seemed unnecessarily complicated and not worth the time to learn.  Well, the time to learn has arrived, but the complicated interface never became more intuitive.  I search the Vectorworks manual and website, user forums, and everything else that was FREE.  All were disappointing.  The information never seemed complete or it was too convoluted.  It seemed that time was running out to learn BIM, so I bought a subscription to Jonathan Pickup’s Archoncad.  It was cheaper than classroom training and even the books available on Amazon.com.  I figured that if the subscription didn’t prove effective, I would have spent the least amount of money.  NOT SO!  I found the website immediately useful.  The videos are great as well as the manuals.  I highly recommend Archoncad to Vectorworks users.   – TD


Personal Lessons

When you want to get the best from Vectorworks, you need the best trainer. Jonathan Pickup has been teaching Vectorworks for several years, and he is recognised worldwide guru. So, if you want the best, contact me: [email protected]

Short Manuals

These manuals are designed to sharpen your Vectorworks skills using a single task manual that explores and explains a single area of Vectorworks. Each SHORT SHARP MANUAL clearly demonstrates key learning tasks and techniques, with 15-90 pages of step-by-step instructions and screenshots. By focusing on single topics, we give you access to new Vectorworks skills and techniques in small meaningful chunks!

Find KIndle Manuals

Visit the archoncad Store for manuals and movies in PDF format.

Tutorial Manuals

Tutorial manuals are designed to show you the workflow, how you move from one tool to the next. These manuals cover more than one topic, they cover much more. For example, the Essential Tutorial Manual covers all the essential areas of Vectorworks for beginner, while the Architect Tutorial Manual covers all the major topics need to complete an architectural project. These are the manuals you need when you want to know how to use Vectorworks effectively. Tutorial manuals show you how the tools work together to get results.

“I recently used your Architect manual with much success to design an addition to our house” – Martin

For tutorial manuals from 2009 onwards, please see your local distributor, or the Training page from Nemetschek Vectorworks inc. If you are in Europe, try the training page of my re-seller, façade-it.co.uk


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    I have been using “image props” to place paintings on walls in our galleries. However, I now have a project where I would like to place a large graphic onto a curved wall.
    How do I do this using and “image prop?” Or is there a different solution.


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