3D Modeling Special Interest Group – May 2016 (am)


In this session we covered several 3D creation tools to create curving surfaces, projecting object to these surfaces, using contours to create a new object, and creating accurate production drawings from a 3D object.

Topics covered:

  • 01:20   drawing the polyline for the bus stop roof
  • 02:06   converting the polyline
  • 3:18   loft surface
  • 05:10   project tool
  • 06:35   Shell solid tool
  • 07:59   wide flange tool
  • 08:38   convert wide flange to polyline
  • 09:20   project polyline object to bus stop roof
  • 10:35   using subdivision object to create a bath using subdivision object, shell solid, then adding the base to the BIOS using the project tool
  • 12:34   add solid
  • 12:44   fillet edge
  • 14:56   revert to saved
  • 15:35   return the fillet edge object back to a solid addition
  • 16:56   create contours and loft surface
  • 20:44   creating more columns and projecting these to the roof
  • 21:49   creating the roof using a subdivision surface and projecting the columns to the roof
  • 33:54   using extrusions and sections solid to create the columns instead of using the project tool
  • 38:18   creating drawings from a column with dimensions


3D Modeling May 2016 am

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