3D Modelling Special Interest Group – April 2014

This is the first session from a new Special Interest Group. There have been requests to have more 3D Modelling and this is the result, a special group just to look at 3D things. These sessions are suited to Architects, Landscapers, set designers, exhibit designers and anyone that wants to learn more about 3D modelling.

Topics covered:

  • Using Smartpoints
  • Smartpoint settings
  • Placing a window
  • Vectorworks Preference: Center on objects after view change
  • Automatic Working Plane
  • Offset tool
  • Project tool
  • Add Solid
  • Push/Pull tool to punch a hole in the building
  • Push/Pull tool to edit the window projection
  • Push/Pull tool to extend a portion of the window projection
  • Taper face tool to edit the window projection
  • how the Push/Pull tool can be used to split the face of an object
  • Automatic working plane for instant solid modelling (alt or option key)
  • Loft surface to create a twisting shape
  • Shell Solid tool
  • Create Contour tool
  • Taper Face tool
  • Twist Tool
  • Extract Tool
  • Extrude
  • Push/Pull to extend an object
  • Taper Face tool
  • Auto-Hybrid


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5 thoughts on “3D Modelling Special Interest Group – April 2014

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    You made reference in this video that ‘next month you would deal with the auto-hybrid function in more detail’. Did this ever happen? If this is the case, I’m having trouble locating the theoretical “3D Model Special Interest Group – May 2014”.


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