BIM_SIG_013 Special Interest Group November 2012

When stories were introduced with Vectorworks 2012 there was a lot of discussion about how to use stories and whether you could use stories in a flexible way to create the type of buildings you wanted. There was also a lot of discussion about how to create split-level houses using stories. The common answer is that you can’t use stories to create a split level house, but this is wrong. You can use stories to create a split level house and in this special interest group we looked at that particular issue.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating stories
  • Setting default story types
  • Editing default layer settings
  • Creating a new story type
  • Creating a new level type
  • Setting up the project using the new stories and level types
  • Drawing walls on the lowest floor
  • Drawing walls on the intermediate floor
  • Creating a stair from the lowest floor to the intermediate floor using the layer settings
  • Creating the stair from the intermediate floor to the upper floor
  • Editing the stories and checking the stairs and walls for the correct changes
  • Answering questions about stories and layers
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