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The web site has now been updated. If you are looking for all the movies try the new knowledgebase web site. This website will only be used for the online webinar movies.

So you would like to learn Vectorworks without the sales hype? You have come to the right place! I have been using and training users on Vectorworks for over 20 years and I love to help. Not only do I offer you all of my manuals, movies and interactive online training sessions via my website, but also I am here as a guide and mentor to help you on your Vectorworks journey. Here you will find real knowledge, usable knowledge, not sales hype masquerading as training.

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Even if you are an experienced Vectorworks user you will find new techniques and productivity tips in the library of over 2500 movies that I have specially designed for the needs of architects, landscape designers, educators and 3D modelers. Subscribe now and let me help you maximize your capability and productivity with Vectorworks.

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Each month I prepare a new topic to address current questions, and host an online interactive group session on the topic of the topic. I demystify the software using plain English explanations and simple examples. See how I deal with abstract concepts in the tips I post.

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  • a free Vectorworks Fundamentals course from the archoncad store
  • full access to this site
  • full access to the archoncad Visual Knowledgebase (https://archoncad.com/)
  • monthly online workshops each month to build your skill
  • over 100 back-issues of the monthly training manuals to download
  • over 2500 movies to watch
  • online special interest group sessions to attend each month. These are a great way to learn from others and improve your skills in Vectorworks. Even experienced users find that they learn something every time they attend.

My website offers the best range of resources and online workshops to help you learn Vectorworks quickly and easily. Join me and the many others whose careers have taken off with the help of my expert assistance and Vectorworks learning resources.

Your journey from beginner to experienced and productive Vectorworks user starts here. For a small cost per month you can accelerate your learning and build your expertise with confidence – at the right pace for you.