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Master Vectorworks

This isn’t just a website with a few movies on it. This is the system to learn Vectorworks affectively. I believe there’s a big difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness insures that you learn to use Vectorworks to get the best end results, not barely acceptable results in a quicker time. 

To start with, we have the Vectorworks essentials course. This course has over eight hours of video and will teach you the basics skills you need to master Vectorworks. Then you can move on to the 3-D modelling course, which will show you all of the really cool 3-D modelling tricks that Vectorworks has.

After that you might want to focus on the Vectorworks Architect Course. This course will show you and explain the fundamentals of using Vectorworks Architect. You’ll learn about setting up your fault, Design layers, stories, and levels, and how to use these effectively. The course also covers site modelling because it’s important to put your building on a site accurate site and create  three-dimensional recession planes that will show you that your building complies with the required setbacks. Of course we design a house, but not just any house a house that needs alterations. You’ll learn about demolition drawings, existing drawings, and proposed drawings and how we can use design layers and classes to create the required drawings. We cover all sorts of drawings, and techniques to get the best from Vectorworks Architect.

You might want to learn about Vectorworks Landmark. You will also find a Vectorworks landmark course on my website. This course covers site modelling, planting, softscape and hardscape areas. But it’s not enough just to put implants, we also have to be able to schedule the plants, landscape areas, hardscape areas, and create a budget price. Like the architect course, you’ll also learn how to create the drawings you require.

Learn the best techniques with our comprehensive knowledge base of 100’s of movies. Each month we add more movies and there are webinars to attend. Unlike other training sites, my webinars are live and interactive. This means that you can stop me when you need to. You can ask me to go over something again. You can even ask me to slow down. My users have found that these interactive webinars are the most important thing that they can do every month to improve the use of Vectorworks. Some webinars let you choose the topic. 

What do you Get?

This isn’t just a static web site with a few movies, there are over 1000 movies here. If you want to learn Vectorworks, there is a Foundation course, if you want to learn Vectorworks Architect, you get my architect course, there is a Landmark course, 3D modelling course, and so much more:

  • Foundation Course valued at $360
  • Architect course valued at $360
  • Landmark course valued at $360
  • Site modeling course valued at $360
  • 3D Course valued at $360
  • Archoncad library valued at $259 
  • 6 webinars each month, valued at $600/month.
  • Total Value of $9259.00/annum!

Learn Vectorworks with the Best Courses

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our comprehensive Vectorworks courses! Whether you’re a novice or a professional looking to refine your skills, our courses are tailor-made to meet your needs.

  • Vectorworks Foundation Course: Dive deep into the fundamentals of Vectorworks 2021. From navigation to 3D modeling, drawing, and scheduling, this course is your foundation for mastering Vectorworks.
  •  Vectorworks Architect – Building Information Modeling: Immerse yourself in the future of design with our interactive BIM course. From starting a project to exporting BIM information, you’ll get hands-on experience developing a BIM project from scratch.
  • Vectorworks Landmark – Building Information Modeling : Learn how to apply BIM principles in landscape design. Create a 3D model of a landscape project, complete with plans, sections, and elevations, along with site modeling, solar studies, and rendering 3D views.
  • 3D Modeling with Vectorworks: Unleash your creativity with our 3D modeling course. Learn to create complex forms, understand the power of subdivision modeling, and bring your ideas to life.

Our courses provide detailed, practical learning experiences, going beyond basic concepts to ensure real-world proficiency. Designed by experts with years of experience, these courses have empowered thousands of learners to master Vectorworks.

Each course includes intensive exercises and video guides, with a focus on real-world application. You’ll not just learn – you’ll apply every concept to solidify your skills.

Ready to take a significant stride in your design journey? Visit today and start mastering Vectorworks!

Learn to Use Vectorworks Effectively!

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Learn More About Vectorworks

Archoncad’s Vectorworks knowledgebase online provides in-depth, customizable programmes in a convenient virtual setting if you want to improve your Vectorworks skills.


Customised online sessions and virtual classrooms are among the programmes available, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Archoncad’s knowledge base directory does provide a free PDF Vectorworks training manual. The Archoncad Vectorworks training guide can be downloaded from our homepage.


Archoncad Reviews

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Archoncad Reviews

Wonderful experience

The amount of data and resources users have access to on the Archoncad Vectorworks software knowledge base website is astounding, as i just learned.

I’ve previously struggled to locate thorough and trustworthy information about Vectorworks as a user, but this website has beyond my expectations.

The website is really user-friendly and straightforward to use, so it’s easy for me to get the information i need right away.

The lessons and videos are well-structured and offer detailed instructions on a variety of subjects, from fundamental tools and methods to complex modelling and rendering.

Carla Korsgaard



But what distinguishes this website from others is the degree of skill and knowledge that the Archoncad team brings to the table.

The calibre of their content reflects their enthusiasm for Vectorworks. thanks to their advice, I feel well-equipped to take on any design issue that comes my way because I have learnt so much from their ideas and methods.

Overall, I can’t express enough praise for the website of the Archoncad Vectorworks software knowledge base.

This website is for you if you use Vectorworks and want to develop your abilities and elevate your creations. all around, five stars!

Brandon Botosh

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I look forward to helping you, that’s the thing I love to do.

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