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What You Get From This Web Site

Manuals by Jonathan Pickup, long time Vectorworks Trainer and Manual writer.

Get your free Quickstart Guide to Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Landmark.

Master Vectorworks

This isn’t just a website with a few movies on it. This is the system to learn Vectorworks affectively. I believe there’s a big difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness insures that you learn to use Vectorworks to get the best end results, not barely acceptable results in a quicker time. 

Learn the best techniques with our comprehensive knowledge base of 1000’s of movies. Each month we add more movies and there are webinars to attend. 

Unlike other training sites, my webinars are live and interactive.  You can ask me to go over something again. You can even ask me to slow down. My users have found that these interactive webinars are the most important thing that they can do every month to improve the use of Vectorworks. 

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