Vectorworks Tip #122 – Doors/Windows – Windoor

Windoor is a Vectorworks plug-in from Australia that allows you to create custom windows and doors. Unlike the standard window or door object, Windoor allows you to put doors and windows in the same frame, much like you would do in reality. Unfortunately, this plug-in is only available to users in Australia and New Zealand, but if you do have a copy that you have previously bought and you live outside these areas, you are able to upgrade it. I find Windoor to be very powerful when creating doors and windows.

BIM_SIG_029 Special Interest Group September 2013

In the session the users want to lock at the options to create muntins (glazing bars) on Windows. Vectorworks has several options for creating these sorts of glazing bars, but these options might not suit your design style. We also looked at what you can do to create the glazing bars manually.

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epodcast154 – BIM Special Interest Group

Workflow for BIM, Part 2. Following on from last month, we continue to look at the workflow for creating a BIM project. Last month we looked at the walls and slabs, so this month we need to create the fenestration (the doors and windows).

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Reset Your Windoor Settings

I have been having a small issue with Windoor (, the magic window and door plug-in from Australia. I had played with the class settings on the doors and windows, and the opening indicators were not being assigned to the class I wanted.

The author of windoor, Julian Carr, told me to use the reset buttton. I have never used this before, but it worked brilliantly, and not all my windoor functionality is restored!

On the dialog box to edit the Pens and Classes, there is a Reset button. This is the button I was instructed to use.

So, if you are having trouble with your windoor classes, try the Reset button.

How Can I Build a Window in Vectorworks With A Sloping Bottom?

A sloping (raking) top is easy, but a sloping (raking) bottom requires more work. A sloped top can be made with a window object or a WinDoor object. But that does not answer our problem.

The answer is that we need to make a symbol for the window. We will not be able to use a standard object to make our window.

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Windoor for Vectorworks 2009

I’m a big fan of the Windoor Manager from I have been using it for several years now, in preference to the standard Vectorworks window or door. it is able to create corner windows with butted glass, glass bay windows, but it’s most amazing trick is that windows and doors can be in the same frame.

I was telling Steve Scaysbrook about windoor and he said he had never seen it, so we did a screen share thing and he recorded a short movie of me giving him an introduction to windoor manager.

To see this movie, go to Steve’s blog: