Dealing With Walls – Part 11

Fit Walls to Roof – An easy way to get the walls to follow the roof is to use the command Fit Walls to Roof (Fit Walls to Objects) from the AEC menu.  This command will fit all the selected walls to a 3D object like a roof, extrusion, site model, NURBS curve etc.  You have to create the 3D object before you use this command.

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epodcast152 – BIM Special Interest Group

BIM Special Interest Group – Workflow to create drawings using BIM.

Starting with a blank file, the SIG will look at the workflow of setting up a project. Stories are important when setting up the project, because they control the layers. Walls and slabs can be drawn,and because they interact, they have to be considered together.

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SST_1111 – BIM In Action

BIM stands for Building Information Model. However, this is only part of its meaning.  The advantages of BIM are that it that you can visualize the design earlier, it is faster to create drawings, changes to one area can automatically update on the drawings, and some objects can be linked together (so a change to one object will update the other).

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