SST_1708 – Walls, Slabs, And Roofs



Walls, slabs, and roofs are designed to interact. This means that when you connect a slab to walls, it will update when you move the walls. Roofs can be connected to walls so that parts of the roof are inside the building and some parts of the roof extend out to the eaves.

In order to make these connections, we need to understand how walls, slabs, and roofs connect. We need to understand how the walls have been designed, how the slabs have been designed, and how the roofs have been designed.
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podcast 178 – Replacing Walls Quickly with Wall Styles

If you use wall styles, it is very fast to change the walls from one style to the other. Replacing Walls. This allows you to copy the walls from one layer and then replace the wall style to get a completely different wall, but one that lines up with the walls above. This can make it extremely fast to create your foundation drawings. Watch the movie to see how it’s done.

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BIM_SIG_027 Special Interest Group July 2013

In this meeting all we looked at was walls, Wall Styles, and assigning textures to wall. There are a lot of places for you to assign textures to walls, so the first part of the meeting is looking at those. The movie finishes with the best and easiest place to assign your textures.

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epodcast180 – Drawing Walls to Accurate Framing Dimensions

It is possible to set up your wall styles so that you can draw your accurate wall dimensions using the framing(all core) or the structural part of the wall.

When you are drawing your walls, it is important that you create the walls to the correct dimensions. There is a method in Vectorworks to allow you to create the walls based on the structural component of the wall  rather than the overall wall size.

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Drawing a Stone Capping on a Wall

One of my clients was asking about drawing a stone capping on a wall. There are two ways to deal with this, drawing a 2D plan view, or correctly modeling the stone capping in 3D. This applies to more than just a stone capping, it applies to any wall that has a capping on it.

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