Vectorworks Tips 445 – Clip Cube Viewport

clip cube viewport

I saw someone on the community board ask if it was possible to use the click cube to create a perspective viewport. It is possible. There are a few steps involved in this:

  1.  Use the Clip Cube to create a section viewport.
  2.  Place the section viewport on a design layer.
  3.  Use a camera to create the required perspective view.
  4.  Create a viewport from this design layer in place of the standard viewport on a sheet layer.


Vectorworks Tip 437 –  Creating A Viewport That Fades Out


I saw on the tech board, somebody was asking for a technique that would allow the viewport to fade out. I think you can achieve this now if you put an object in your viewport with a transparent gradient. In the image you can see I created a gradient that changes from solid white to transparent. I used the attribute mapping tool to control where the transparent and solid parts are, and I also used the attributes palette to change the gradient from a linear gradient to a radial gradient.

Vectorworks Tip 324 – Name Your Viewports

image145I know that it seems like a lot of work to name all your viewports, but when you want to use the new linked viewports feature or you want to edit the classes on viewports (using visibilities on the organization dialog box), you need to have a way to know which viewport you are affecting or choosing.

podcast 155 – Reversing the Direction of a Section Viewport

Sometimes, i make the mistake of creating my section viewports with the wrong direction. This might seem like a problem, but it is not. On the Object Info palette there is a button to reverse the direction of the Section Viewport.

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