Landmark_SIG_060 Special Interest Group November (pm) 2014

In this session we covered creating an outside patio / deck with steps (on two sides), a quick way to create a planting area, roadways, making symbols, controlling textures on roads, the major difference between Roadway (Poly) and Roadway (NURBS), the power of Roadways (Custom Kerb), how to make sure that a symbol, e.g. a car, follows the rise of let’s say a car park, using the Heliodon Tool, and changing the OpenGL settings to show shadows

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Vectorworks Tip #147 – Basic Tools – Class Options

One of the class options I’m not very keen on is Active Only. The reason I don’t like this very much is that always causes trouble with objects that are inside groups or symbols. It goes back to the basic concepts of Vectorworks that groups and symbols are container objects that have classes separate from the objects inside the container.

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Interactive Workshops July 2014 (1407) – Libraries – Managing and Creating Your Library

Libraries seems to be the one area of Vectorworks the causes the most confusion. It seems that users get confused about their own Vectorworks library, where they should store parts of it and where is the best place to store all their information. It’s tempting to think that you only need to have one library file and you can put all your resources in there, but this is not the way that Vectorworks likes to work.

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Vectorworks Tip #064 – Basic Tools – Scale Symbols

Older versions of Vectorworks did not allow you to scale symbols, you have to break them up into groups first. Later versions of Vectorworks allow you to scale symbols. This makes it easy to use the same symbol (which is much more memory efficient) in several different places, but at several different sizes. You can activate simple scaling by using the Object Info palette.

Landmark_SIG_036 Special Interest Group October 2013

In this session we looked at the Existing Tree tool to see how it can be used to replace existing trees on the site and also to see if it can be used for quick visualization of the existing situation.We also looked at the VBVisual tool.  This tool has realistic looking trees that still render quickly but to get a good range of trees, you need to buy extra ones.

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Landmark_SIG_025 Special Interest Group April 2013

This is the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group for April 2013. The people who attended the session were extremely interested in creating a report that listed all the garden lights and information about the lights.


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