cadmovie1501_06 – Stories, Layers and Levels – Part 6

Creating a  Simple Wall Style to use Levels

If you want to create a wall style that uses levels, then you must create all those levels before you start creating your wall style. Your wall style cannot use your levels until you have created them, and if you create your wall styles before you have created your levels, you will have to go back and edit your wall styles.

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Vectorworks Tip #202 – What are Stories?

image026Stories are a collection of settings that control the elevations of your building projects. I used to say that stories are a collection design layers, but with Vectorworks 2015, this is not correct. Stories are made up of design layers and levels and they work in combination to control the elevations for the objects.

cadmovie1501_02 – Stories, Layers and Levels – Part 2

How Layers, Levels and Stories Work Together

There is a hierarchy to the structure of layers, levels and stories. Stories control the overall building setup – the heights between the floors of the building. When you are setting up a project, stories would be the first thing to create.

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Interactive Workshops January 2015 (1501) – Stories, Layers, and Levels

Cover ImageThese sessions followed the online manual and covered the topic of Stories, Layers and Levels. Design layers have been around for a long time, stories have been around for a few years, but levels are new to Vectorworks 2015. The purpose of these sessions was to cover the topics in the manual and make sure that the attendees understand the concepts. 

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SST_1501- Layers, Levels, and Stories

Cover ImageDesign layers are one of the fundamental organizing concepts in Vectorworks, They are used to break the design into manageable chunks but they should not be confused with classes. Use design layers and classes to create the structure for the file which enables the creation of drawings using viewpoints and sheet layers.

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podcast 196 Story Changes in Vectorworks 2015

Vectorworks 2015 has made some powerful yet subtle changes to stories. These changes are going to have a huge impact on the way you create and manage your stories. They going to make stories much more powerful than they have been. This is a short movie just showing a little bit about how this change can be used to automatically control wall heights.

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Join archoncad and Novedge for a Free Webinar

2014-10-01_8-33-00Join me online for a free webinar hosted by my friends at Novedge. I often present webinars for Novedge because they are keen supporters of Vectorworks.

They asked me what I’d like to present in October and my answer was to cover in detail the changes to walls and stories. Vectorworks 2015 has got some incredible changes to walls and stories that are going to make Vectorworks very powerful. But, in order to use this power, you are going to have to understand what the changes are to story levels and how the story levels will connect with your walls and wall components. That’s what this webinar is going to be all about.

I have just finished my practice session and the image shown is what I finished up with at the end of the practice session.

Go to this website and register now to join me and my friends from Novedge

cadmovie1022 – Introduction to BIM – Part 2

Layers and stories are the keystones of your BIM workflow. Layers are used to divide the project and stories are used to group layers. Stories are an organizing concept that groups design layers to make it easy to adjust different levels of the building. They also allow you to control building elements such as stairs, walls and so on. The story settings control the elevation of the story relative to other stories.

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BIM_SIG_030 Special Interest Group September 2013

In this session we looked at a complex roof and how to deal with it. The trick is to break the roof into sections and deal with each section separately.

Part of this process uses the old Fit Walls to Roof… command which has now been renamed Fit Walls to Objects…

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Stories with Vectorworks

I have just completed an interview with Steve Scaysbook from Konstrukshon. Steve wanted to talk about the Stories concept in Vectorworks. He recorded the interview and have posted a link below. During the discussion we looked at three sketches that I had draw to explain different situations.

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What are Stories?

Stories in Vectorworks are a way to group design layers together. It’s a way of having several design layers and grouping these together to make a story of the building. So, for example, you might have a foundation layer and a wall layer that make up the lower story of a building, as shown in this image. It means that if you have to change the setting out of the story relative to other stories of the building, Vectorworks will move all of the design layers that are part of that story.

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BIM_SIG_013 Special Interest Group November 2012

When stories were introduced with Vectorworks 2012 there was a lot of discussion about how to use stories and whether you could use stories in a flexible way to create the type of buildings you wanted. There was also a lot of discussion about how to create split-level houses using stories. The common answer is that you can’t use stories to create a split level house, but this is wrong. You can use stories to create a split level house and in this special interest group we looked at that particular issue.

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SST_1201 Setting up Layers in Vectorworks

Setting up your layers correctly is essential if you want to use Vectorworks for BIM. Vectorworks 2012 has a new organizing concept called Stories which will require you to think carefully about how you organise your project into layers and stories.

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