SST_1608 – Roof Accessories

Cover ImageVectorworks has the ability to create roofs from polygons and walls, and it has the ability to automatically generate some roofs accessories, but not all the accessories that you might require. For example, Vectorworks will create roofs, facias, and soffits, but it will not create ridge flashings, barge flashings, barge boards, gutters, and downspouts (downpipes). As we have seen from other manuals, it’s important to model as much as necessary to complete the elevations. So if Vectorworks does not create these parts that you need, how are we going to create them?

That’s what this manual is all about. First will look at creating a standard roof and the standard accessories that Vectorworks will create, because some of them can be very useful. Then we will look at how to create the other accessories that we require, but Vectorworks won’t create automatically.

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cadmovie_1608-05 – Roof Accessories – Part 5

Barge Flashing – Vectorworks does not create a barge flashing automatically, but we can use the techniques we have been using previously to create one. As we discovered with the barge board, you can use extrude along the path or you can use a framing member to create the barge flashing.

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cadmovie_1608-04 – Roof Accessories – Part 4

Barge Board – Vectorworks will not create barge boards automatically.  There are three techniques that you can use, the Framing Member, Extrude Along Path, or Extract and Extrude. We have covered all of these techniques in the last chapter, so if you have not covered it already please go back to the previous chapter and see how we can use them.

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cadmovie_1608-03 – Roof Accessories – Part 3

Creating Ridge Flashings – It is becoming more common for drawings to require the ridge and hip flashings to be shown on the building. The reason for this is that regulatory authorities often want to ensure that these flashings are shown to avoid the builder accidentally leaving them out. If you create the flashings as 3D objects that are on the roof, then they will show up in all perspectives, elevations, and sections.

Vectorworks does not have a tool that will automatically create your ridge and hip flashings. They will have to be created using three-dimensional techniques.

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cadmovie_1608-02 – Roof Accessories – Part 2

Standard Roof Accessories – Vectorworks has the ability to create some to the roof accessories for you. As you will see, it creates some but doesn’t create the accessories that you require, and those that does create a not always created where you need them.

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Architect_074 Architect Special Interest Group July 2015 (pm)


There was only one person at this session, so he was able to ask all the questions. The main issues related to a specific project that with a parapet boundary wall and he wanted to know how to create the roof, how to set the roof back to create an internal gutter and how to set the height of the parapet wall so that it followed the roof outline.

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BIM_SIG_055 Architect Special Interest Group October 2014 (am)

2014-10-23_11-40-13In the session the users wanted to look at the clip cube, how to use the clip cube to create section viewports, how to create section viewports with a step in the section line, how to control the graphics on a section viewport and how to deal with the gable wall in a split gable roof.

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BIM_SIG_034 Special Interest Group November 2013

In this session the attendees wanted to look at section viewports, using the clip cube to make section viewports, how to move section markers, and how to use class overrides in viewports. For this session I used to three-story building that I have used previously.

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