Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (am)


Topics covered:

  • title block (sheet border)
  • creating a custom title block   9:05
  • stair tool   30:34
  • stair max/min settings   30:54
  • custom stair   37:02
  • import symbol library to Resource Browser favorites 46:48
  • removing Resource Browser favorites 50:30

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Resource Browser – Part 1

What is the Resource Browser? – The Resource Browser is used to browse for the objects that VectorWorks calls resources so that you can use them in your drawings. Resources can be hatches, gradients, images, textures, symbols, Plug-In objects, wall styles, worksheets and so on.

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epodcast126 – Resource Browser

Beyond Beginner meeting covering the Resource Browser.  The resource browser is an important part of using Vectorworks effectively. You can use the resource browser to access resources and other files, making it quick to import resources from other files into your current work.

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