SST_1209 – Room Finish Schedule

Vectorworks can create a schedule of the finishes in each room for a project.  In order to do this, Vectorworks uses spaces to record the information about each room, meaning that you have to place a space in each room in order to assign the room finishes to it. Continue reading

SST_1203 Creating a Landscape Budget Plan (final)

If you use the correct techniques, it can be very quick to create a landscape budget. One of the nice things about Vectorworks is that if you create a landscape budget in one file you can then save this to your user folder and have it available on every project after that.

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cadmovie808 – Creating a Landscape Budget Plan using Classes

If you do not have Vectorworks landmark you can still create a landscape budget using the classes of the objects in the drawing. This is not as straightforward as using the landscape area tool, but it is still possible. It does require a lot more work than the landmark budget, because you have to tell Vectorworks to look for each area using its class, you have to set up all the calculations, and you have to input the prices manually.

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cadmovie805 – Creating a Landscape Budget Report

After you have created landscape areas,  you can use these areas to create a budget, using the Vectorworks reporting tools. This technique will create a worksheet listing all the and landscaped areas so that you can attach prices to each area, giving you the final budget cost.

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SST_1003 – Irrigation Tools

Vectorworks comes with several irrigation tools. There is a tool for placing irrigation pipework, and there are two tools for placing sprinklers and drip emitters. When the pipework and emitters are placed, you can create a schedule of the parts.

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cadmovie458 – Irrigation Tools Part 12

Building the Worksheet to Count Sprinkler.  You can get Vectorworks to count things to suit you, a custom way of counting. In Vectorworks we call this a report, and the results are shown on a worksheet. We can add reports together to collect all the objects we want.

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cadmovie359 – Intermediate Worksheets Part 12

Problems Counting More Than One Sort of Joist. When you set up one of the quick reporting worksheets in Vectorworks, it’s common for you to count too much. In one of the other Short Sharp Manuals, I showed how to count up all the joists in a deck (patio). That worked because I Only had one sort of joist in the file, but what if you have more that one sort of joist.

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