Landscape Special Interest Group May 2017 am


In this session, we looked at creating a plant, connecting the plant to the plants database, creating a new plant in the database, creating a plant report, controlling how the plant report finds the plants, and controlling the slope of a hardscape object.

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Landscape Special Interest Group April (pm) 2017

Landscape Special Interest Group April 2017_PM

In this session, we looked at retaining walls again. We used a site modifier in contour mode to create a straight retaining wall. We then adjusted the grade limits to change the retaining wall into a battered slope between the two levels of the garden, adding rocks, steps, and a landscape area with plants to go around the rocks.

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1702_02 – Creating Drawings for A Landscape Project – Intermediate Topics

The previous section was all about beginner topics, which everyone should know. This section is all about the intermediate topics that you will need to know in order to create your drawings from the 3D model.

This section will be about how the 3D parts of the design work.

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epodcast193 – Plants and Row Spacing


Vectorworks 2017 introduced a change to the plant spacing. in the past your plant spacing was a specific number and that was it. Now, plant spacing can be a specific number or it can be “Best Fit.” The idea of best fit is that Vectorworks will try to put as many plants as it can using the spacing that you have specified,  but it will always place plant start click and at the end click. As well as that, Vectorworks added the option to have the row spacing different from the plant spacing.

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Landscape Special Interest Group December (am) 2016


In this session we looked at how to add an image prop to a plant, how to create a plant, how to create and edit a custom workspace, how the plants connect to the Vectorworks plants database, how to use the Plants Database, and a quick introduction to using record formats in viewports.

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Landscape Special Interest Group October (pm) 2016



In this session we mainly looked at creating 3D data for plants. We looked at photoshop for tidying up a plant image for use as an image prop and we looked at some resources available on the Internet and how you could use those for your plant 3D data.

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Landscape Special Interest Group May (am) 2016


Topics covered:

  • 00:20   Attaching non-graphic information to objects (record formats)
  • 00:56   using text along the path to create takes in 2-D and 3-D, using a polyline then reshaping the polyline with the reshaped tool
  • 09:29   modified by record command allows you to edit objects based on record information attached to them
  • 16:53   trying to use modified by record on plots to change the color of plants based on a record formant
  • 30:00   associated dimensions
  • 34:59   creating text styles
  • 35:53   select similar tool
  • 35:57   assigning a textile to a dimension
  • 36:21   creating a custom dimension standard
  • 38:05   suggestions on where to create plans and details so that your text, dimensions, and hatching is easier to create and visualize
  • 47:10   using the eyedropper tool to copy the attributes from one object to another

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Landscape Special Interest Group April (pm) 2016



Topics Covered:

  • 00:40   Ozbreed Plants website
  • 01:43   download the plants from the website
  • 02:14   two sorts of image file to open, higher resolution and low-resolution
  • 03:29   find the image props in the resource browser
  • 04:20   import the image prop into a current file
  • 04:56   create a hardscape
  • 05:48   edit the elevation of a hardscape
  • 06:12   edit the elevation of an image prop
  • 08:42   image props rotate to viewer
  • 09:45   VBVisual plants
  • 12:37   foliage tool  from the website of Andrea Faccinello
  • 13:35   epodcast on making image props for plants
  • 14:52   creating a 3D form for the groundcover plant
  • 19:53   creating a plant
  •  29:19   exporting a plant to the user library
  • 34:37   creating a hanging basket symbol

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Landscape Special Interest Group April (am) 2016



Topics Covered:

  • 00:30   Worksheet basics
  • 00:51   plant schedules are worksheets
  • 06:43   placing a worksheet from the library
  • 08:30  locating a plant in the Resource Browser
  • 09:10   placing plants
  • 09:30   plant settings
  • 09:35   edit plot definition (data)
  • 11:37   connection of plants to the plant database
  • 12:00   Vectorworks  plants database
  • 21:03   editing the plant schedule (how does it find trees )
  • 38:20   editing the plant report to show accurate heights and spreads
  • 46:19   placing a landscape area

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Landscape Special Interest Group March (am) 2016

Vectorworks, landscape

Topics Covered:

  • 00:00   site modelling
  • 03:04   polyline and polygon smoothing
  • 06:59   creating a site model
  • 08:32   rendering options
  • 13:04   default content (plants)
  • 18:49   image prop plants
  • 20:40   VB visual plant objects
  • 24:00   plant default settings
  • 30:11   solar studies
  • 33:58   massing model
  • 40:03   hatches

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Landscape Special Interest Group February (am) 2016


Topics Covered:

  • 0:00   existing tree tool
  • 06:35   editing the 3-D object for the existing tree tool
  • 16:13   VSS resources – image props
  • 19:02   VBvisual plant
  • 23:51   cannot use VB visual plants tool as part of the existing tree
  • 26:50   where the VB visual plants are stored
  • 34:48   image props
  • 37:41   creating an image prop
  • 57:11   creating sketch image props

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Landscape Special Interest Group December (pm) 2015


Topics Covered:

  • Utility Menu / Workspace Editor   1:23
  • Customize (context) menus   1:58
  • Create New Plant   3:16
  • Get Plant Data -> Plant Database   3:24
  • Edit Plant (2D Graphics: Classes and Graphic Attributes)   9:07
  • Rotate Tool   12:39
  • Select Similar Tool   14:41
  • Add Surface   14:50
  • 3D Graphics   17:29
  • Export / save the new plant to your library    23:11
  • Create, change and add criteria of reports    29:30
  • Export reports (to be used in any other file)   34:48

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Landmark_SIG_082 Special Interest Group November (am) 2015


Main topics:

  • Plant Tool
    • Plant Definition
    • Plant Preferences
  • Massing Model
    • Using the K key
  • Editing Plant Definitions
  • Plant database
    • Update From Plant Database
  • Copy From Symbol
  • Create a new plant
    • Plant Tool Preferences
  • Reshape Tool
  • Improvements to the Hardscape Tool
    • Hardscape Object Settings
  • Parking tools

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Landmark_SIG_083 Special Interest Group November (pm) 2015


This session covered:

Concept of saved views/viewports          0:00

  • settings for layers & classes
  • the navigation palette
  • how to save views and adjust the settings    1:52
  • layer & class visibilities
  • rotate plan
  • access a saved view
  • Note: a saved view is NOT connected to a viewport   4:49
  • switching from a viewport to a layer  6:20
  • how to change the ‘edit viewport’ settings  8:40
  • ‘sheet layers’ have replaced ‘saved views’                                                    11:15
  • use the eyedropper tool to copy settings between viewports                          11:55
  • or copy a viewport and change some settings (e.g. use the Clip Tool)
  • create a new class (watch the options in regard of saved views/viewports)   15:00

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Landmark_SIG_079 Special Interest Group September(pm) 2015

landmark079The main part of this session was around image props. The attendees want to look at the height of the image props, how they were created, and how they can incorporate these into plants. After that they want to look at some 3-D modelling.

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Landmark_SIG_067 Special Interest Group February (pm) 2015

image127This session looked at the challenges (bugs) encountered when counting plants in a worksheet, especially in regard of their height, spread and quantity. It also covered in detail how to create your own report (worksheet, schedule), how to edit an existing report (with its many record formats), showed the quickest way to update plant definitions and plant data and how to add additional information. It also discussed the difference between the height of a plant entered in Insertion Options vs. Plant Data. Furthermore it looked at the options of representing plants (2D and 3D) at various stages of their growth (e.g. when planted, 5 yrs, 10 yrs). To finish, Jonathan demonstrated how you can use a smartphone or tablet and Vectorworks Cloud Services to show off your projects. In the process topics also covered were: Invert Selection, Importing symbols from another file, On Plant List.

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