Quick Preferences

In later versions of Vectorworks you can access quick preferences from the toolbar. In Vectorworks 2013 they have increased the number of preferences that you can access from this area. But that is not the only way that you can create quick preferences. Prior to this, you would create quick preferences by writing a small script which would sit in a floating palette.

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BIM_SIG_011 Special Interest Group October 2012

Vectorworks 2013 introduced several new concepts. Two really important concepts are the detail viewports and the hierarchal classes. My belief is that both of these concepts are going to change the way you structure your classes and the way you structure your sheet layers. In this Special Interest Group will be looking at how these two concepts can be used.

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epodcast141 – Batch Covert

When you upgrade Vectorworks you will also need to update all your old library files to the new version of Vectorworks. The slow way to do this is to open each file and then save it again. The quick way to do this is to use batch convert. Batch convert will update all the files from a selected folder to the new version of Vectorworks.

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I Can’t Join Your Webinar…

I have had a couple of user that have trouble joining the webinars. It seems that the common issue is that they are using a Macintosh with Safari. I have had one user change to Firefox, and that fixed the problem. If you are having trouble joining the webinars, try using Firefox or chrome to join.

epodcast126 – Resource Browser

Beyond Beginner meeting covering the Resource Browser.  The resource browser is an important part of using Vectorworks effectively. You can use the resource browser to access resources and other files, making it quick to import resources from other files into your current work.

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