Vectorworks Tips 450 – Useful Keyboard Keys

I have used these so much that I often use them without thinking.  It is easy to forget that other people might not know them:

G: Creates a temporary datum
U: Changes the modes on the Tool Bar
X: Selection tool
J + Click: Select coincident objects (select objects whose edges are touching)
B: X-ray mode (makes everything see-through)
Z: Snap Loupe (temporary zoom)
CTRL + ALT (control + option on Mac): Create Similar Object

epodcast 187 – Keyboard Shortcuts to the Object Info palette

Some users like to use keyboard shortcuts to access parts of Vectorworks. I recently found out that you can change the panes on the Object Info palette by using keyboard shortcuts.  I have noticed recently that I have been using the data pane a lot more often, so it is quite convenient to have a keyboard shortcut to make the change.

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Print out Keyboard Shortcuts and Hot Keys

I found this web site by Tom Pearce that has a Filemaker template that will import your workspace text file and convert it into a printable keyboard format. If you look at the image you can see that it shows all the hot keys, with the correct modifier keys, and all of the keyboard shortcuts.  Continue reading