cadmovie825 – Referencing Image Files Part 3

Referencing PDF Files. As with image files, PDF files can be drag-and-drop onto a Vectorworks drawing, or you can use the Import PDF… command. In either case when you import a PDF file, you have the choice of whether to import the file directly or whether to reference the file.

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cadmovie803 – Rotated Plan View

if you are working with consultants drawings, you might find that the orientation of the drawings does not suit the way that you want to create your information. The rotated Plan View  allows you to change your view to suit the orientation that you want to draw. This rotated view can be saved using the saved views menu,  so that you can restore the view later. Continue reading

cadmovie802 – Dealing With Imported DXF/DWG

When you import DXF/DWG files they often start on a sheet layer with viewports. In order to get more information you need to right-click on your viewport and choose design layer. This will show you the raw information that was used to create the drawing.

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Helpful Appication for Importing AutoCAD Files

Sometimes, you get files from a consultant in DXF/DWG format that do not import well into Vectorworks. Often the issue is that the files are the wrong format (too recent). You really want the files saved in an older version of AutoCAD so your version of Vectorworks can read them.

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importing IFC Objects From Revit

I have been following a discussion about importing Revit files into Vectorworks. The user has been complaining that the imported file is 17Mb, and when it is imported in to Vectorworks, the file ends up over 250Mb. This tends to make the files unworkable.

Another use posted a helpful tip, and that was to run the file through the Solibri Optimizer before importing into Vectorworks. This will dramatically reduce the file sizes. You have to register and log in order to use the Optimizer. When you log in, you should have step-by-step instructions.


SST_0912 – Importing and Exporting DXF/DWG Files

We often have to work with consultants and clients that do not use Vectorworks. DXF or DWG (AutoCAD) is usually the best way to do this. It will allow the you to use their information in Vectorworks, or it will allow them to import your work.

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cadmovie433 – Importing and Exporting DXF/DWG Files Part 7

Importing For Workgroup Referencing. There are times when you are working with a consultant that keeps wanting to update the drawings. Every time the consultant updates the drawings, you will have to update your files. This can be a real hassle if you import the consultants drawings and work on them, as in the above example.

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cadmovie432 – Importing and Exporting DXF/DWG Files Part 6

Importing For Roundtrip (landscaping). There are times when you are working with a consultant that wants you to send your work back to them. This can be a challenge as you might end up sending them their work back again, when you don’t want to.

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