Vectorworks Tip #165 – Publish Command – Export to Image

2014-10-28_20-26-34The Publish… command is from the File menu. The Publish dialog box allows you to choose any of the sheet layers or saved views from your file and export an image file in the order you require. You select the required sheet and saved views, click on the top arrow where you can reorder the views. Click on the “Publish To” menu and choose Image. Adjust the settings for the image via the “Options” button, then click on the Publish button to create the image file.

epodcast067 – Preparing Images for Image Props

I have had a request from several people, not just landscapers. How can you take an image and get it ready for an image prop. You need to use photo editing software. I will show you how to use PhotoShop Elements (approx$145NZ) to cut out a tree photo to make an image prop.

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