Getting Started Special Interest Group January 2017


In this session we looked at the Resource Manager. This was introduced with Vectorworks 2017 and it does mean reorganising your default content. In the past default content was in one folder (Defaults) but with Vectorworks 2017 the default content is now into folders (Defaults and Object Styles). So we looked at this concept of the default content and then we also looked at the concept of object styles.

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Landscape Special Interest Group March (am) 2016

Vectorworks, landscape

Topics Covered:

  • 00:00   site modelling
  • 03:04   polyline and polygon smoothing
  • 06:59   creating a site model
  • 08:32   rendering options
  • 13:04   default content (plants)
  • 18:49   image prop plants
  • 20:40   VB visual plant objects
  • 24:00   plant default settings
  • 30:11   solar studies
  • 33:58   massing model
  • 40:03   hatches

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Vectorworks Tip #201 – Attribute Palette – Create Hatch from Local Mapping

image025Once you change the mapping on a hatch, you might want to re-use the settings of the hatch again. An easy way to do this is to Create a New Hatch from a Locally Mapped hatch. This command is avaiable from the Contextual Menu (right-click on the hatch).

Landmark_SIG_040 Special Interest Group December 2013

In this session we looked at hatches, tiles, and briefly, gradients. There is a manual already written for planar graphics (SST_1107) which sets out the basic principles, but there are still questions. This is a great session for getting into the detail of hatches and tiles.

Hatches are not an easy thing to understand. They are not based on graphic shapes; hatches are line based. This makes it difficult to make shapes. Tiles, on the other hand, make it really easy to create shapes, but they make large PDF files.

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Landmark_SIG_028 Special Interest Group June 2013

This was the first session for the landscape Special Interest Group for June 2013. The main topics covered were to do with hatching and graphics assigned to hardscapes, how to use a photograph to create a texture, and dimension standards. Continue reading


Hatches in the Resource Browser

Hatches in the Resource Browser

Over the years I have been collecting hatches that I like to use in my Vectorworks drawings.

You can choose to put the hatches in your template file, or you can choose to put these hatches in the User Folder or Workgroup Folder.

There are over 80 hatches in these files.




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