cadmovie_1610-03 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 3

Structural Member – This is a brand-new tool. The structural member tool is designed to be an intelligent object that will know when it joins another structural object. One way of thinking about this is that it’s like walls for structural members, so that when you move a column, the connected beams will move as well. You can join beams to columns and beams to beams.

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Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (pm)


Topics covered:

  • roof accessories     0:00
  • framing member for roof flashing   0:48
  • creating new classes   1:37
  • extrude along path   3:10
  • align gutter to roof   4:42
  • editing roof style settings   6:19
  • editing gutter path   8:05
  • extrude along path for handrail   11:05
  • fitting fence to site model   20:51
  • export DXF options   31:09

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BIM_SIG_049 Architect Special Interest Group July 2014 (am)

2014-09-23_15-11-23Continuing on with last month’s project, we looked at using Vectorworks’ Wall Framer, creating a truss roof, adding a new tool to Vectorworks, creating a truss roof using a 3D object and adding prices to materials to get a total cost.

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cadmovie706 – Framing and Framing Tools Part 1

Framing Member. The main tool for framing is the framing member tool. This tool has been around for some time (since Vectorworks 2008), and it replaces several old tools (rafter, beam and so on). The framing member tool can be used to create floor structure, rafters, beams, and so on.

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cadmovie714 – Framing and Framing Tools Part 9

Roof Framing. Roof framing uses the Framing Member tool, but we can get Vectorworks to calculate all the rafters, beams and purlins, by using the Roof Framer command. In order to use this command, you need to have Vectorworks Architect or Designer.

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