Vectorworks Tip 378 – Extrude along a path – change the profile

Vectorworks-Tip-378, Vectorworks, extrude along path

Because Vectorworks remembers the original path and the original profile for your extruded along path, you can edit this object and you can completely change the profile, without changing the path. This allows you to start creating your objects before you have all the information you need, because you can go back later and edit the profile as you have more information.

Vectorworks Tip 373 – Extrude Along Path (Using a Copy)

vectorworks, extrude

I quite often have projects which use the same profile but have different paths for my extrusions. One of the tricks I use is to duplicate the extrude along path, and then edit the path. That makes it very quick to create a new extrude along path, especially if you copy and past in place.