3D Modeling Special Interest Group – March 2018


In this session, we used various methods—the Extrude Along Path command, the Foliage tool, and the Create Surface Array command—to create a vertical garden, as well as discussing how to create a transparent color mask and how to use the Chain Extrude tool.

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3D Modeling Special Interest Group – January 2018


In this session, we discussed a bit about using textures versus making a 3D model, covered how turning the Callout tool into a symbol can add functionality to it, constructed a room with various moldings and panels, created a texture, and demonstrated aspects of using the Create Interior Elevation Viewport command, the Create Wall Projection and Create Wall Recess commands, and the Fit Walls to Objects command.

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3D Modeling Special Interest Group – November 2017


In this session, we covered importing a SketchUp chair into a Vectorworks file, discussed some of the changes to the Subdivision Modeling modes in Vectorworks 2018, and highlighted some stair tricks and tips, such as making a simple stair into a site modifier and quickly creating a custom stair.

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Landscape Special Interest Group May 2017 pm


In this session, we looked at creating a small, outdoor pergola seating area and its drawing details. This means that we had to look at how the footings were created, how the posts would be connected to the footings in detail, and how we would construct the posts, beams, and trusses in detail.

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3D Modeling Special Interest Group – May 2017


In this session, we looked at creating a tapered extrude for a table leg, creating quicker viewports from objects, creating a custom sketch style for a drawing, using the Fillet tool, and creating a Queen Anne style table leg.

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Vectorworks Tip 378 – Extrude along a path – change the profile

Vectorworks-Tip-378, Vectorworks, extrude along path

Because Vectorworks remembers the original path and the original profile for your extruded along path, you can edit this object and you can completely change the profile, without changing the path. This allows you to start creating your objects before you have all the information you need, because you can go back later and edit the profile as you have more information.

Vectorworks Tip 373 – Extrude Along Path (Using a Copy)

vectorworks, extrude

I quite often have projects which use the same profile but have different paths for my extrusions. One of the tricks I use is to duplicate the extrude along path, and then edit the path. That makes it very quick to create a new extrude along path, especially if you copy and past in place.