Podcast 207 – Test Yourself Exercise – 1

image001I am the author of the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual. I was recently talking to a university tutor that uses this manual with the students. At the end of the first chapter of this manual the students should be able to draw simple objects and dimension them. The students sometimes forget just how much they have learned from the simple exercise, so I have created a Test Yourself exercise to allow the students to test their knowledge from the first chapter. This movie shows you how to complete this exercise. If you have bought my manual and you would like to test the knowledge from the first chapter, try this exercise.

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BIM_SIG_048 Architect Special Interest Group June 2014 (pm)

2014-09-23_14-32-46In this session we looked at a complex 3D modelling problem of a skate park, we looked at creating section viewports, we looked at using section viewports to create internal room elevations, how to add annotations to these elevations and how to create symbols that would assist with the room elevations.

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podcast 187 – Ortho Drawing in Vectorworks Using Angle Snaps

Some users want to be able to draw orthographically (constrained to 0, 90). I usually get this request from AutoCAD users. Hold down the Shift key to constrain linear objects (walls, lines, polygons) to orthographic and other objects (rectangles, ovals) to symmetric. You can also control the angles for ortho drawing using the Snap to Angle, so let’s look at that as well.

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Vectorworks Tip #081 – Viewports – Class settings on Design Layer Viewports

When you set up design layer viewports you have the option to choose all of the classes that you want to be visible, or you have the option to use the current documents class settings. You may be confused by what this really means.

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Book Review – Building Construction Handbook

I have been doing some research on building construction and documentation and I came across this great book “Building Construction Handbook.”

This book has been designed to show you from the very basic conceptual principles through to drawing coordination and detailing.


podcast 170 – Vectoworks Tips – An Example of using Vectorworks Constraints

Vectorworks has the ability to constrain one object to another. What this means is that you could place one object, for example the door, and set a constraint so that the door is always relative to another object, for example a wall. In this movie I show you how placing a constraint between the door and the wall will always move the door to maintain this distance even when you move the wall.

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cadmovie1030 – Introduction to BIM – Part 10

The core of BIM is that you can create most of your drawings directly from the live model. To do this you need to use Sheet Layers and Viewports. If you do not know anything about Viewports, please have a look at the manual on Setting up drawings for building projects. Using this strategy, plans, elevations and sections can quickly be updated when you change the model.

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Interactive Workshops January 2014 – Introduction to BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) seems to be a hot topic at the moment and there are many users who do not have a clear understanding of what BIM really is. These sessions are the online sessions for the SST_1401 manual.

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BIM_SIG_035 Architect Special Interest Group December 2013

Continuing on from the Special Interest Group 033, were now starting to take our project into the conceptual design drawings for a single unit. You have a choice – you can create your drawings in a separate file (the referenced house file) or you can use the combined site plan model to create your conceptual drawings.

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epodcast184 – Vectorworks Needs Unique Object Names

Vectorworks does not allow you to have objects the have the same name. Names in Vectorworks have to be unique. if you have been to one of my courses or watched a movie about viewports, you will have heard me say that the Viewport Name has to be unique. You cant have a viewport with the same name as a symbol or class.

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Most People Don’t Use the Power of Vectorworks

I was teaching some of my clients the other day and I mentioned being able to count the number of symbols in the plan. We were looking at the interior design of commercial projects. They were not aware that you could count all the symbols easily with worksheets. Counting the symbol is only the start though, there is so much more you can do. Continue reading

Is Other Software Better Than Vectorworks?

I have been reading the Vectorworks tech board recently. Generally this community board is there for users to help each other and mostly it works well for that. There are some visitors to the site that seem to want to complain about Vectorworks. Be careful about believing the opinions on the tech board, sometimes it is like listening to talkback radio, where the opinions have no basis.

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podcast 155 – Reversing the Direction of a Section Viewport

Sometimes, i make the mistake of creating my section viewports with the wrong direction. This might seem like a problem, but it is not. On the Object Info palette there is a button to reverse the direction of the Section Viewport.

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Education_SIG_012 Education Special Interest Group August 2013

This session looked at basic technical drawing skills and whether they should be taught as part of Vectorworks or whether they should be taught separately. There is an argument that these basic skills should be understood before the students learn to use the power of Vectorworks.

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