cadmovie891 – Creating Construction Details – Part 4

Using a 2D Section to Create Details – If you want to create a detailed cross section you can use it to generate details. The more work you put in to your cross section, the better your details will be. This can be a very effective way of creating your documentation.

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cadmovie890 – Creating Construction Details – Part 3

Using BIM to Create 2D Sections – I have spoken to many clients about how they create cross sections through their buildings. Some like to create sections that show the line, level, and form of the building but do not contain construction details.  They can then use these cross sections to reference the details.

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cadmovie889 – Creating Construction Details – Part 2

Using Detail Viewports With Section Viewports – Detail Viewports allow you to create a linked detail to a part of your drawing. The detail viewport can be used on design layers or it can be used inside other viewports. Either way, the detail viewport creates a reference object and also a detail viewport that is linked to the reference object. If you move the location of the detail viewport the reference object will update automatically.

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cadmovie888 – Creating Construction Details – Part 1

Using BIM For Detailing – If you put a lot of effort into creating a 3D model, you can use your model to start your details. For example, you can use the wall framer to add the timber structure to your walls, you can add floors and walls to create the foundations, but Vectorworks will not add the really important stuff like bolts, flashings, vapor barriers, notes, and dimensions to your details.

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SST_1304 – Creating Construction Details

Creating construction details is a major part of your contract documentation. But how should you create  these details? Is it possible to use BIM techniques to create all your detailing?

For some projects, using BIM techniques will not give the content all the graphic style required for detailing.

Continue reading – Detail Viewports in Vectorworks 2013

One of the new techniques in Vectorworks is Detail Viewport. I have been waiting for this technique for a while, and I think this will subsctantially change the way users structure their drawings in Vectorworks.

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What Design Layer Scale Should I Use in Vectorworks

When I draw in Vectorworks I like to keep the scale of the design layer at about the same as the scale of the viewports that I will be creating. This has come about from using Vectorworks for a long time, way before we had viewports, when the only way to create drawings with different scales was to use different layers with the correct scale.

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Using Colors for Line Weight in Vectorworks

I have just had a call from a client about using classes in Vectorworks to control line weight. When users come from AutoCAD,  they are often used to using Color by Layer. This allows the user to see the line weights of the lines on the drawings by the color of the lines.

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SST_0905 Creating Construction Details

I have seen many tips and tricks on creating drawings, but not many on creating construction drawings. When I was writing the last manual on creating drawings, I wanted to cover creating construction details, but I felt that would have made the manual too long.

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