Vectorworks Tips 445 – Clip Cube Viewport

clip cube viewport

I saw someone on the community board ask if it was possible to use the click cube to create a perspective viewport. It is possible. There are a few steps involved in this:

  1.  Use the Clip Cube to create a section viewport.
  2.  Place the section viewport on a design layer.
  3.  Use a camera to create the required perspective view.
  4.  Create a viewport from this design layer in place of the standard viewport on a sheet layer.


Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (am)


Topics covered:

  • 3D text along a path
  • 3D curved window   6:19
  • creating a symbol from the window   14:07
  • inserting symbol in a wall   16:05
  • stories for split level projects   21:55
  • stairs on split level buildings   39:46
  • clip cube to control viewing   41:49
  • section viewport from clip cube   42:17
  • using layer colors   47:09
  • creating plan section viewport   50:18

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Vectorworks Tip 337 – Creating a Plan Viewport from a Clip Cube


In the same way that you can create a section viewport from a clip cube face, you can create a plan viewport. This is actually called a section viewport but the section viewport is parallel to the ground plane, and therefore it’s a plan viewport. This will allow you to choose where to create the plan when you have a complex building that might have windows at several levels.

Vectorworks Tip 333 – Changing the Angle of a Clip Cube


When you start a clip cube it is always orthogonal, but this often does not line up with the model. Rotating the plan does not help, but there is an easy solution. If you select the clip cube with the selection tool, you will see four blue dots at the bottom center of the clip cube. Use one of these to rotate the clip cube to match the angle of your project.

Vectorworks Tip 332 – Using a Clip Cube to Make a Section Viewport.


After you have set up your clip cube, you can use it to create a section viewport. Use the selection tool on the clip cube, and when a side of the clip cube highlights, right-click on it to bring up the Contextual Menu. At the bottom of the menu you will find Create Section Viewport…

Vectorworks Tip 325 – Clip Cube

03I like using the Clip Cube; It is like a 3D viewport crop that is flexible and allows you crop out the parts of your design that you want to hide. The technique is to select an object, then activate the clip cube. If you do it this way, the clip cube will be just around the selected object.