3D Modeling Special Interest Group – September 2016


In this session we looked at what is new in Vectorworks 2017 in relation to 3D modeling, focusing on Subdivision Modeling and Camera Match. Vectorworks 2017 now includes Camera Match and Renderworks. Subdivision Modeling has been substantially improved with the inclusion of some new modes.

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podcast153 – Creating Surface From Curves

This movie shows you how you can take a curve, convert it into a NURBS and use this to create a concrete structure. Using the rotate and mirror tools you can quickly duplicate the first curve, then mirror the resulting concrete structure to create a series of them. When you render the view, you can see the form more accurately.

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SST_0909 – CameraMatch

Camera Match is a 3rd Party Plugin to Vectorworks. This means that is doesn’t come as a standard. You have to buy it. I think you will find that this Plug-in saves so much time with visualization, that it pays for itself the first time you use it. I know when I bought it, it saved me a couple of hours on the first project. Available from http://www.panzercad.com

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