Self Directed Study

I have been looking at the course notes for one paper at a local college. I was interested to see that the tutor expects students to attend 2 hours of lecture, 2 hours of tutorial, and 6 hours of self-directed study. The tutor is saying that you should put more time into self-directed than you get form the college. Total time for one paper is 10 hours per week, most of which is self-directed.

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You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

I sometimes get clients telling me that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. What they mean by this is it they think that they are too old to change their habits to learn that works effectively. I have always thought that this is a bit of a copout, that the reason they do not want to learn new tricks is because they do not want to invest the time.

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It’s Not About Learning, It’s About Staying Current

I was having a talk the other day with a client and previous subscriber to my web site. He said to me that he stopped his subscription because he felt that he already knew the topics that were being covered. But the reason I was talking to him was that he had just upgraded and needed to understand the new features of Vectorworks. As it turned out, it has been a few versions since he last upgraded, so there was a lot that he didn't know. In fact, there were so many topics that he started to talk about subscribing again, because he no longer has current knowledge about Vectorworks.

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How Important is good Training?

I have just been on a road trip to visit some clients for training. It’s turned out to be a very interesting trip. I visited one client who still using Vectorworks 11.5. I don’t mean Vectorworks 2011 (two years old) I mean Vectorworks 11 from 10 years ago.

The interesting thing for me was that they are not even using this version of Vectorworks effectively…

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epodcast162 – Spoof or Phish emails

Sometimes, I get an e-mail pretending to be from PayPal, my bank, or even a bank I do not belong to. E-mails that try to trick you into giving them money, or try to trick you into giving away your passwords, are called phishing e-mails. These e-mails are sent out by scumbags trying to steal from you. This is how I check to make sure my e-mails a legitimate.

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Short sharp Training for Vectorworks Now Includes Special Interest Group Movies

Since February 2012 the Vector-workout subscription service has been offering special interest group webinars. These webinars are an interactive online session about a particular topic. The webinars are interactive, allowing the attendees to talk to each other, ask questions, and discuss the solution. Often these webinars cover difficult or complex situations. Sometimes they just cover situations where the users had forgotten what the solution was.

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Graphic Card Recommendations for Vectorworks

If you are thinking of buying a new computer, you should pay very careful attention to the graphics card recommendations for Vectorworks. If you purchase a new computer that does not match the graphics card recommendations, you will have constant trouble with the computer.

If you are thinking of upgrading your Vectorworks with your existing computer, you should also pay very careful attention to the graphics card recommendations. Upgrading your Vectorworks to a computer with a less than satisfactory graphics card will result in constant frustration.

The Vectorworks knowledge base has several articles about graphics card recommendations:
Vectorworks 2012 System Recommendations

Video/Graphics Card Guidelines for Vectorworks – 9/13/2011


Using Evernote

I use a program called Evernote. This is a great little program. I use it to collect together notes. For example when I am teaching my online webinars, users quite often suggest things that would be useful. Now, I could keep a notepad next to my desk, but I find a better to use a computer to keep these notes. The reason is, if I write the notes on the computer I can expand on I can expand them, then copy and paste them into a blog like this. Continue reading