Vectorworks Tip 372 – Viewports – Where should I Put The Annotations?

I try to make sure that I use a consistent system for annotations. My preference is to keep as much work as possible on the design layers but this is not possible for some viewports. Elevations, sections, and detail viewports do not allow you to put this information on the design layers easily, so I put their notes and dimensions inside the annotation part of the viewport. Where you you put your notes and dimensions?

Podcast 211 – Test Yourself Exercise – 4

image023I am the author of the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual. I was recently talking to a university tutor that uses this manual with the students. They wanted an exercise that would extend the students’ knowledge of basic tools and commands. At the end of the fourth chapter of this manual the students should be able to draw a simple detail using basic tools and commands, including dimensions and annotation.

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podcast198 Annotation Changes in Vectorworks 2015

Vectorworks 2015 have made some subtle changes to the annotation tools like callouts, drawing labels, elevation benchmarks and dimensions. Taken individually, each of these changes is minor, but they will remove many of your frustrations when dealing with these objects. The elevation benchmark for example now has an offset mode which is going to be a huge bonus where you have elevation benchmarks that are close together.

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