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  1. Hey Jonathan-
    I would like to cancel my subscription. It’s been a god-send, but at this time I need to save some money, and I am learning additional software for my workplace. I have appreciated all you do to keep us users going. I will re-subscribe in the future if I need some more help. Thanks Thanks Thanks!

  2. Jonathan,

    I need to re-up my subscription. I just started using Vectorworks again after over a year of not using it. Business was slow, so was not using it and never used VW 2013. I am now using VW 2014 and have started a new template so as to not bring in all the idiosyncrasies from old files into new drawings. It’s been a challenge, especially utilizing the “Title Blocks”, figuring out what the brackets around Sheet Layers/[Sheet Titles] & Viewports/[Drawing Titles] imply–something to do with automatic naming and numbering, I believe, but am not sure. Anyway, to make a long story short, I’m drawing again and figured I might as well get a yearly subscription. I’ve updated my PayPal information since the last time you tried to withdraw my subscription in September I believe and both my Discover and Visa Cards are up to date. The Discover is my preference, but if you can’t accept Discover, then use the Visa. I’ll send you an email of this as well. Thanks and Cheers!!

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I tried to cancel my subscription prior to July 1, 2015 but was unable to log in to your site using my user name and password, the very same user name and password that I logged in with today did not work. I assumed that my subscription had already been cancelled. and was not aware that it had to be done through PayPal. I have never had this method to cancel a subscription before. While I think your site is great I am not a full time Vectorworks user and didn’t use your site enough to justify a renewed subscription for another year.
    Please cancel the transaction and credit my PayPal account.

    Thank You, Paul Murphey

    • I’m sorry that you were not able to make use of the site. When you want to cancel your subscription, you have to log into your papypal account to cancel it. I think this is covered in the FAQ page.

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