epodcast 183 – Moving Wall Positions – Part 2

If you have to edit wall locations, this technique is fast and accurate. It uses the Move by Points tool. This tool seems to be forgotten by many users, maybe because they don’t know it is there, they don’t know when to use it, or how to use it.

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epodcast180 – Drawing Walls to Accurate Framing Dimensions

It is possible to set up your wall styles so that you can draw your accurate wall dimensions using the framing(all core) or the structural part of the wall.

When you are drawing your walls, it is important that you create the walls to the correct dimensions. There is a method in Vectorworks to allow you to create the walls based on the structural component of the wall  rather than the overall wall size.

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epodcast168 – Changing the Computer File Extensions

When you install a new computer program, the program uses something called the file extension (the three letters after the dot on the filename). Often, when users install a new version of Vectorworks, they do not want the new version of Vectorworks to open the old files, so they choose to keep the Association with the old version of Vectorworks.

But what can you do when you want all your Vectorworks files to open with the new version of Vectorworks?

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epodcast165 – Creating a Non-Standard Door

If you use the standard door object in Vectorworks, it allows you to create a non-standard door. However, there are a few steps you need to go through in order to make this happen. In this example I show 3D model of a door with a chamfer cut off the corner. But you could also use the same technique to create doors that Vectorworks does not support, for example bi-folding doors with five leaves.

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epodcast164 – Assigning Textures to Texture Beds

I have had some questions about using texture beds on site models. There is a movie called Site Modelling – Part 13 which shows you how to create a texture bed on a site model. The question really relates to applying not just a color, but an actual texture.

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