Architect Special Interest Group December 2016 (pm)

In this session we looked at detailing and classes. When you import a detail from a manufacturer (which is often important) you often end up with several classes that you do not want, and they often don’t suit your naming convention anyway. So we looked at how we can import these details how we could manage the layers and classes and how we could change the details to suit our graphic style.

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Architect Special Interest Group December 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at referencing a DXF/DWG file into a project. Referencing means that if the file is updated, it will automatically be imported when you open the file again. Then we looked at the callout tool and in particular, how to use it with the notes database, creating door and window elevations, and a discussion about using symbols with story levels to control elevation.

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Architect Special Interest Group October 2016 (pm)


In the session we looked at the new Resource Manager, especially looking at how we should be using the new manager, how we should be organizing resources, how we should take control of the resource manager, and then we looked at updating our library files.

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