Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (pm)


Topics covered:

  • viewport rendering
  • Line rendering/OpenGL rendering   1:03
  • setting up prospective viewport   2:13
  • hidden line rendering   5:26
  •  text along path 7:39
  •  creating image prop of logo    14:39
  • create image prop of logo    32:55
  • editing glow texture on image prop   41:07
  • editing low texture on text model    47:17
  • duplicate and edit text along path    52:30

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Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (am)


Topics covered:

  • title block (sheet border)
  • creating a custom title block   9:05
  • stair tool   30:34
  • stair max/min settings   30:54
  • custom stair   37:02
  • import symbol library to Resource Browser favorites 46:48
  • removing Resource Browser favorites 50:30

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Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (am)


Topics covered:

  • 3D text along a path
  • 3D curved window   6:19
  • creating a symbol from the window   14:07
  • inserting symbol in a wall   16:05
  • stories for split level projects   21:55
  • stairs on split level buildings   39:46
  • clip cube to control viewing   41:49
  • section viewport from clip cube   42:17
  • using layer colors   47:09
  • creating plan section viewport   50:18

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Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (pm)


Topics covered:

  • roof accessories     0:00
  • framing member for roof flashing   0:48
  • creating new classes   1:37
  • extrude along path   3:10
  • align gutter to roof   4:42
  • editing roof style settings   6:19
  • editing gutter path   8:05
  • extrude along path for handrail   11:05
  • fitting fence to site model   20:51
  • export DXF options   31:09

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Architect_079 Architect Special Interest Group October 2015 (am)


The main topics covered:

  • importing and upgrading an old project
  • default attributes
  • unified view and unified view options
  • creating a corner stair and stair tools
  • adding tools to your workspace
  • locating old (legacy) tools and adding these to your workspace
  • editing and managing workspaces

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Architect_078 Architect Special Interest Group September 2015 (pm)


In this session we looked at site modelling again. In particular, we looked at a special case where we wanted to create site modifiers above the site model (it’s actually a construction pad above the level of the site model for drainage). This is probably the first time that we have looked at the concept of site modelling, how it actually works and I’ve drawn an example to show exactly how Vectorworks calculates the contours.
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Architect_077 Architect Special Interest Group September 2015 (am)

Architect_Sept_2105_amIn this session we started by looking at wall styles. The question was about using wall styles to draw an existing project. One of the problems with using wall styles is the challenge when you come to draw an existing plan and the wall widths are not consistent. This could involve you having several different wall styles to cover the different widths, which is made worse if you need to show some of the walls is being demolished (which effectively doubles the number of wall styles needed). Continue reading

Architect_076 Architect Special Interest Group August 2015 (pm)

August_076_pmIn this session we looked at creating a window schedule. When people talk about a window schedule there can be two possible things that they are talking about they could be talking about a written report giving the window number the size the configuration information about the window and so on, or they could be talking about an elevation of the windows.

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Architect_075 Architect Special Interest Group August 2015 (am)

August_075_amIn the session we looked at Section Viewports. There seems to be some confusion with dealing with Section Viewports so we went through several options and settings dealing with these. To start with, we looked at a standard Section Viewport created from a design layer, (this isn’t the only way to create a Section Viewport, you can also create Section Viewports using sheet layers if you select a viewport first).

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Architect_074 Architect Special Interest Group July 2015 (pm)


There was only one person at this session, so he was able to ask all the questions. The main issues related to a specific project that with a parapet boundary wall and he wanted to know how to create the roof, how to set the roof back to create an internal gutter and how to set the height of the parapet wall so that it followed the roof outline.

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Architect_073 Architect Special Interest Group July 2015 (am)


We looked at the Visibility tool, it is perfect for turning off the classes of unwanted information and it even works on classes of objects inside viewports (without entering the viewport). Holding down the V key will temporarily turn all the classes back on so you can see information that has been turned off.

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