SST_1804 – Putting a Project Together

1804 – Workflow, putting together a large project

In the past we have looked at Design Layers, Classes, Viewports, Sheet layers, and other organising concepts. The purpose of this manual is to look at how to bring all these together to work on a large project. We will be looking in detail at some of these concepts to see how they would come together for a larger project.

The workflow that we can use for a large project depends on the type of large project that we’re talking about and the number of people working on the project:

  • Large single building (school or office)
  • Multiple building (school or office)
  • Hospital
  • Medium-density housing subdivision
  • High-density housing (apartment building)
  • Multiple building project with a single large building (holiday resort)
  • Large hotel
  • Motel
  • Etc.

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Interactive Workshops April 2018 – Putting a Project Together

In the past we have looked at Design Layers, Classes, Viewports, Sheet Layers, and other organizing concepts. The purpose of this manual is to look at how to bring all of these together to work on a large project. We will be looking in detail at some of these concepts to see how they come together on a larger project.

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Vectorworks Building Information Modeling (Landmark) 2018

We are pleased to announce that the new landmark course for Vectorworks 2018 is finally complete. I know this has taken longer than most people expected. The course has been completely redesigned from the ground up and it now follows the structure of the two-day Landmark BIM because that has been so successful in New Zealand.

The course has completely new movies and exercises. The total running time of the videos is just over six hours and 43 minutes, which should take you about a week to complete.

You can find more information about the course by clicking on this link…

3D Modeling Special Interest Group – March 2018


In this session, we used various methods—the Extrude Along Path command, the Foliage tool, and the Create Surface Array command—to create a vertical garden, as well as discussing how to create a transparent color mask and how to use the Chain Extrude tool.

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Landscape Special Interest Group March 2018 am

In this session, we covered how using plant sizes from the Plant Definition can affect your work flow differently than using a custom plant size, constructed a pergola with framing members, made a mono-pitch roof for the pergola, and set up a Framing Member report for our pergola.

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Interactive Workshops March 2018 – Back to Basics – Worksheets

Worksheets are like simple spreadsheets. They allow you to calculate and report information in your Vectorworks files. This is a powerful technique. It has been available in Vectorworks for many years.

You can use worksheets to find objects, report them, and do calculations on them. Worksheets are a very helpful part of Vectorworks.

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SST_1803 – Back To Basics – Worksheets


1803 – Worksheets


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Getting Started Special Interest Group February 2018


In this session, we looked at some basic concepts in 3D modeling, covered how to speed things up with the numeric keypad and other key combinations, discussed the floating datum and texture mapping, and showed how to turn a 3D object into a symbol.

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Architect Special Interest Group February 2017 (am)


In this session, we created a recession plane, modified slab components to work with a brick-clad wall, modeled a slab edge, imported a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Vectorworks, changed the rendering of Gable Walls, and discussed how to transfer preferred settings from one section to another.

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Interactive Workshops February 2018 – Creating Site Models

A site model is a 2D and 3D representation of a mathematical model that is based on 3D data. In simple terms, a site model is a 3D digital version of your site. You can use it for visualization, solar studies, cut and fill calculations, and much more. These sessions look at importing information and using that information to create the site models.

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Getting Started Special Interest Group January 2018


In this session, we solved text challenges with worksheet columns, revision notes, and objects, as well as covering how to join walls without a mitered joint and discussing how to present your existing and proposed site models without too much clutter.

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3D Modeling Special Interest Group – January 2018


In this session, we discussed a bit about using textures versus making a 3D model, covered how turning the Callout tool into a symbol can add functionality to it, constructed a room with various moldings and panels, created a texture, and demonstrated aspects of using the Create Interior Elevation Viewport command, the Create Wall Projection and Create Wall Recess commands, and the Fit Walls to Objects command.

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