Architect Special Interest Group October 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at callouts, the notes database, and customizing the workspace.

Topics covered:

  • 00:18    looking at the callout tool, starting with the manual from 1011 – intermediate annotation
  • 01:34    looking at the callout tool preferences
  • 01:41    setting callout tool arrow preferences
  • 02:09    choosing to get the callout text from a database, and choosing the database location
  • 02:43    discussion about the use of a single database for all projects, or a series of databases for individual projects
  • 06:16    choosing to place the text as a keynote
  • 07:14    creating a new note and choosing the description
  • 11:29    discussion about choosing the options for the note legend and keynote text, choosing whether to use prefixes, numbers, or descriptions
  • 33:43   discussion about upgrading your old workspace to the new version of Vectorworks, or starting from the new vision of Vectorworks and slightly modifying a standard workspace, because if you copy an old workspace into the new version of Vectorworks you might lose many of the new tools or concepts
  • 45:24    the changes to the library structure in Vectorworks 2017, with the default library is not used as much as the object styles library
  • 51:40    installing third-party plug-ins (for example the archoncad plug-ins)

Architect October 2016 am

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