cadmovie_1610-02 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 2

Project Sharing 2.0 – Project sharing was introduced with Vectorworks 2016. It worked really well, but it did require that all the users be on the same network. this can work fine when you’re in the same office, but it didn’t work well if you weren’t in the same office, you would require a Virtual Personal Network in order to do this. Many people they work with others that are not in the same office, but still wanted use project sharing. Now, project sharing can be carried out using a range of cloud-based systems. There are several other cloud based storage systems, but not every one of the systems is supported. In basic terms Vectorworks needs to be able to look at the file that stored in the cloud, and detect whether that file has been updated or not. It also needs to be able to write to that file.

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