Getting Started Special Interest Group September 2016


In this session we looked at a couple of main topics. First we looked at the concept and Vectorworks of mesh smoothing and then we looked at drawing a property line. When you draw a property line you have to remember that the surveyor uses a different coordinate system than Vectorworks.

Topics covered:

  • 03:51 controlling the smoothing angle in viewports
  • 05:35 controlling the mesh smoothing angle on site models
  • 08:37 introduction to the coordinate system that Vectorworks uses
  • 09:55 introduction to the coordinate system that a surveyor uses
  • 10:22 comparing the coordinate system between surveyors and Vectorworks
  • 11:14 using the property line tool allows you to use the surveyor coordinate system with Vectorworks
  • 13:38 using the Property Line tool with the standard dialog box
  • 23:44 using the Property Line tool with the simple dialog box
  • 32:02 using the Line tool to draw a line using the surveyor coordinates
  • 33:56 discussion about rotating the plan using the Rotate Plan tool or rotating all of the information so that the plane sits orthogonal on the page
  • 36:21 another way to get the house on the site with true North straight up the page, but still drawing the plan orthogonally, is to use a design where viewport to link the wall layers to the site plan layer using a design layer viewport
  • 42:35 there is a blog on my website about linking the building project to the site model and there are two methods to do this, it is recommended that you read this blog
  • 44:25 using the Property Line to create a texture bed site modifier

Getting Started September 2016 am

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